Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Big moneyburners

1:59pm 2015-2-3
Let us start with the biggest money burners. Cars in America are loaded with all kinds of luxuries but gas mileage has not improved in years yet European cars have better gas mileage even though the same cars in Europe are actually made in America. Most people do not notice the difference because of the conversion from gallons to liters. On top of that many cars do not get the advertised gas mileage. The car companies are making luxury money burners. We could get off oil all together but the energy companies would not make as much money. It almost seems they would rather completely destroy our atmosphere rather than make less money and discard oil energy. They could at least give us better gas mileage. They claim that the less gas mileage would pollute more but it is a lie- in reality we would use less gas so it would end up less pollution. No one seems to look into this fact- they just keep shelling out more money for overpriced cars and fueling them with overpriced fuel.
   The following articles are some sources- please use the links and read them- let me know if you agree- if you do not show me the numbers or explain. We can not entirely blame this on the car manufacturers. If someone is selling inadequate products the buyers should not be buying them- people should be complaining about this and telling their dealer the concerns. If we destroy our atmosphere no one will come and save us. Explosion engins and nuclear energy are putting a hole in our ozone layer.

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