Monday, November 30, 2015

Humana health insurance.

What these people may tell you or your doctor on the phone is unreliable. They tell you things are covered or doctors are in network then you could take the service only to find out that you are out of network and will get nothing. often you find out to late and the procedure is already done and you end up with a big bill. This happened to me twice in the last year or so. One transaction cost me $440 and the other around $200 more than I was told. I actually bought dental insurance from Humana for $30 a month only to find it covered only $20 worth of my root canal. They specifically told me my dentist was covered. They even said I won the case over the phone because the call was recorded but then they mysteriously changed their mind and gave me the run around and changed their mind. Humana is all that is available here in Juneau co. Wisconsin so there are no other options.

Do not buy the dental saving cards. The dentist gets nothing but you pay the company who owns the card. It is a legal scam done by real insurance companies, I will mention more on this later but you pay for the card and it claims to give you a significant discount on dental care.  my dentist did honor it but they get nothing back from the company and they do not have to honor it- they did me a favor because they already knew I was taken for a ride by Humana on my coverage.

The amount of money i paid was not as much. I did send the issue to the States Attorney and the Better Business Bureau to no effect but the real question is how are poor and ill people dealing with this and are their bills coming up a lot higher? This is abuse and we need to find a way to stop it. I literally spent hours on the phone trying to fix this to no effect- they even admitted I was right and said i won but will not even send me the $30 I spent per month for a few months back for useless insurance.

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