Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sleep Number Bed

Over all i am pretty happy with the Sleep Number Bed. I had tried some traditional mattresses and one was to soft and the other to firm and you can not return them after a month or two. You can set the firmness at whatever you want because it is an air-bed with a pump. I do recommend a mattress foam topper. The drawbacks is the bed feels like a hammock on lower settings and the sleep number is not stable it seems. They should make the edge of the bed smaller. There is a regular foam barrier on the edge- it makes the air part of the bed smaller. The foam topper I got was a less expensive one on Ebay and it is working fine- some of the accessories you can buy from Sleep Number seem kind of expensive. Generally I get a good sleep on the bed; I got mine on sale in the fall of the year, it came in a box and they left it on my porch- cost around $700- cant remember the exact amount but they gave me free 0% interest to buy and make payments on it.

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